DMA token mining program on ElastosDMA Supernode to be upgrated

In September 2020, as a long-term supporter of the Elastos community, the DMA team launched the DMA token mining plan to ELA holders, marking a milestone to the DMA sub-ecosystem in Elastos community.

In November 2020, DMA token was listed in Tokswap, the Elastos DeFi infrastructure app, becoming the first trading pair with actual support. It has also become the first DMA token circulation method in the DMA ecology, forming a closed loop of the entire ecological application system and ahead to the sustaintable development direction.

So far, community members have two ways to obtain DMA token:

1. Become a voter of the DMA Supernode. On the basis of the weekly profit of ELA, the voters will receive an additional amount of DMA as airdrop.

2. Exchange ELA to DMA in Tokswap, the exchange rate is dynamic according to the token swap situation.

In January 2021, Elastos DeFi roadmap made another big progress — — FilDA is officially launched,which is based on the HECO Huobi ecological chains. It creating an ELA+HT+FIL ecological decentralized financial integrated service platform, providing decentralized FIL, ELA pledge, Lending, financial management and other services.

As the Elastos DeFi ecosystem gradually matures, the DMA team believes that it is time to further integrate the DMA token into the overall ecosystem. The subsequent distribution of supernode DMA rewards will use the floating exchange rate in Tokswap, rather than the fixed exchange rate of 1ELA:1000DMA. It ensures the consistency of DMA circulation value, forms a closed DMA ecological loop, and promotes the common prosperity of two ecology.

For supporters, what will happen if the exchange rate changes?

Once using the floating exchange rate in Tokswap, the value of DMA rewards form supernode distribution is consistent with the value of DMA in circulation. Compared with the current fixed exchange rate, the amount of DMA obtained is different.

For example: the floating exchange rate in Tokswap is 1500DMA:1ELA, and a certain voter gets a share of 1ELA. Before the adjustment, the voter can only get 1000DMA as additional rewards, and after the adjustment, he can get 1500DMA. The voters can accumulate more DMA tokens, which is likely to obtain more benefits and powers in the future DMA ecosystem. Thus, changing to a floating exchange rate is to upgrade the rights and interests of node supporters.

The rights and interests of ElastosDMA Supernode will be upgraded within one month. There are several things you can do before upgrading:

1. Exchange ELA to DMA in Tokswap, now is a good time to obtain DMA.

2. Join the ELA/DMA liquidity pool in Tokswap, and you can receive liquidity shares.

3. Those voters who have not set ELA-ETH address can import your voting wallet in Loytoken and complete the binding. For users who have completed the binding, if they need to modify the binding address, please also do it in Loytoken.

Download Method

Global download link

For IOS users, please switch to a non-China App store to download, and Android users can download directly.

Download link in China

Please download the testflight version according to the installation instructions, and Android users can download directly.

In the near future, DMA ecosystem will have more family members, especially eco-system application, to bring in more DMA token use cases. The team encourages people to accumulate DMA tokens to gain benefits and power in the future DMA ecosystem. At the same time, team hope to get more support from Elastos community members, please vote for the Elastos DMA Supernode! You can send an email to to contact the DMA team.

Thank you for voting for the Elastos DMA super node!

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