Elastos DMA 1.0 Beta Release Notes



  • Tokenized Asset Management
  • Copyrighted Digital Content Management
  • Data Driven Advertising
  • Social Commerce

DMA 1.0 Beta

  • Passport
  • Asset Management
  • Wallet
  • Storage
  • Utility
  • Merchant

Uptick 1.0 Beta

  • Uptick Ticket Service
  • Uptick Merchant Web dApp client
  • Uptick Android dApp client

Materials & Roadmap

  • DMA 1.0 Beta API documentation
  • DMA 1.0 Beta SDK
  • DMA 1.0 Beta source code (Limited to Elastos internal review for now, and then for EAP)
  • Uptick 1.0 Beta Android dApp
  • Uptick 1.0 Beta merchant web dApp
  • Uptick Ticketing Service Pack (Limited to EAP on Uptick project first)
  • Developer tutorials (for EAP)

Early Access Program (EAP)




Decentralised Digital Marketing and Commerce Platform

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